Tairova Irina

Another Dimension

I’ve always known that, besides the usual categories of time and space, there is somewhere something which cannot be measured, but which is possible to be felt tangibly. And this other dimension of our existence does not depend on age or distance. It is dependent only on inspiration.

Almost every one of us is, to a varying extent, involved in creation: some seek a more lucrative tax decrease plan, some seek ancient treasures, others devise new mathematical formulas and yet others new poetic lines. What one feels in the process is what is important. If one is happy, one certainly has talent. After all, the greatest talent is the talent to live, easily and delightfully, in love and in harmony with others. And the greatest inspiration is the one with which you do your work every day. Building a wall in a new home, teaching children, publishing a magazine. And if you manage to add a few more bricks, win somebody’s heart or increase the number of pages in your popular magazine, then the move to another dimension has already begun. Every day, we experience new emotions, admire new talents and set new objectives. We cannot do this without inspiration. And it is inspiration which enables us enter another dimension. The value of talent is much greater than profit – we follow only the desire for creativity, not the thirst for fame. And this transition in time is more than sufficient for happiness in our present dimension.