Lilia Gerber Animaeva

“All my life I was going to my Great Man, understanding that the path to him was the path of my spiritual growth. I knew that this meeting would happen, but only when I was ready. I met him at the age of 51… Perhaps it could seem that this is too late, but for me everything is just beginning…”

Lilia was born in the city of Magnitogorsk, in a Tatar family of immigrants from the village of Kadrali, Agryzsky District, in the Republic of Tatarstan. In 1931, the whole family was evicted from their native land as “people’s enemies” and sent to the great Komsomol construction of the Soviet Union – the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Factory. Lilia’s mother, who was a violin teacher, and the writer Rimma Khusnutdinova, who was author of the book “I Take Strength from Childhood… Where We All Come From”, paid a great deal of attention to the upbringing and education of her daughter. Lilia became a student of Moscow State Pedagogical University and graduated from it with excellent results. Then she took postgraduate studies at the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. In 1993, she defended her thesis on the topic “Research of the Personality’s Verbal-Thinking Creativity” and obtained the title of Doctor of Psychology. Lilia has many publications on psychology in the leading scientific journals of Europe and Russia. She collaborated a lot with the first Russian magazine in Prague – “Prague Lights”, which followed in the tradition of “Ogni” magazine, founded by Marina Tsvetaeva and with magazine “Russian word”. Her activities are diverse – a psychologist and psychotherapist, working with such methods as nonverbal techniques, drawing and body-oriented therapy. She is also a yoga instructor and the creator of the unique method “Psychotherapy through yoga”. As the mother of five children, Lilia has had the unique experience of giving birth to and raising children in different countries. Her daughter Lilia, a graduate of Oxford University and the London School of Economics, has her own business and runs it perfectly. The eldest son, Ilia, is a student of the Paris School of Political Science. Mikhail is a student of the University of Strasbourg. And Alexander and Raphael are students of the French Lyceum in Prague. When you see Lilia’s life, you immediately remember that “a talented person is really talented in everything!” “It was life that taught me not to regret anything. I am grateful to life, to my rich life experience. We come to this world in order to understand who we are, why we are here, and what our mission is. The wisdom is to never regret anything. We should gratefully accept tears and joy, and happiness. And if anything in my life does not happen as I planned, then I am grateful that it has happened in an even better way. When I met Rinat, I clearly understood that this was true. And the truth is that all my life I was going to this man. God created us for each other. There an Arabic concept called “maktub”, which means ‘it is written’. It means that somewhere in the heavenly tables He is written down as mine, and I am His. We are those two halves of one whole. And as a whole, we can help each other realize our mission and make the world better and kinder.”