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Kvetuse Mentova and Jiri Janecek

Kvetuse Mentova and Jiri Janecek are people who run their restaurant
and hotel business as if it were a kind of theater. They have thought
everything through, down to the smallest details, and their own
original concepts, style, and taste are present everywhere. They have
turned their businesses into unique projects, providing a boundless
devotion and willingness to work in the interest of their clients,
and they always bring real results and open new possibilities. They
are creative people who are able to attract clients, to make them
interested and surprised. They are both professionals and they know
everything there is to know in their field. Kvetuse and Jiri understand
the secret of a successful business, so in their restaurants and hotels
they offer not just food and accommodation but also a pleasant
atmosphere, comfort, and new experiences.

Kvetuse Mentova is the managing director of Nase pivovary company,
which runs several restaurants and hotels. At the moment the company
runs the Prague restaurants Pivnice u bazenu, Pavlovín, and U Kalendu,
as well as a cafe and a gallery, Michael and Lokai (ex-Koliba), and also
four Prague hotels: Ehrlich, Chodov, Na Zamecku, and Michael.

Kvetuse comes from a southern Czech place called Postrekov. She
studied at an economics school in Domažlice, and when she was 18 she
left for Germany, where she worked for about ten years in hotel and
restaurant services. In the German town of Kotzting she got to like the
way the local restaurant clients were serviced. And she enjoys working
with people in traditional pubs to this day.

But opening her own restaurant took much more time. At the age of
23 she worked in the office of the mayor of Domazlice, and when she
was 25 she moved to Prague to work in the control department of the
Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. She worked for some time at
a software company, but after the maternity leave she returned to the
ministry again.

In 2014, Jiri Janecek, along with the ex-deputy of ODS party, started
Pivnici u bazénu in the Prague district of Chodov, which is famous for
its wide range of draft local and foreign beers. The idea came from her
partner, who is an avid beer drinker, and she herself welcomed it, as she
liked the atmosphere of the traditional pubs she knew from Germany.
Mostly she enjoys communicating with people. It is, in fact, both the
best and the hardest thing in this line of work.

“At the German restaurant where I was working, the home atmosphere
dominated. Regular clients went there and we were like one family.
Here people are the same too,” she says about the Chodov pub. But
the beginning was not easy. At the pub’s location there was originally
a Greek restaurant, a business with a completely different concept.
Creating a pub with a stable clientele took some time. “The care and approach
you give to the people is always what makes them want to come
back again,” says Mentová, who doesn’t only take care of the complete
running of the restaurant but also enjoys servicing and brewing some
beer for the clients herself. She knows her regular visitors by name and
likes talking to them.

Soon after setting up the pub Pivnice u bazenu, the two business people
unexpectedly managed to expand, establishing the nearby restaurant
Pavlovin, where mostly families with kids go due to the close location
of the playground in Chodov Park. Then they followed up on this with
the traditional pub U Kalendů in the center of Prague, and immediately
afterwards they established their first hotel. Although the firm does
not run Alpin Avion anymore, they replaced it with a number of other
hotels: Ehrlich at Zizkov, Michael in Hodkovicky, and Na Zamecku in
Zabehlice. The newest addition to the family is the newly opened hotel
Chodov, right above the pub Mentová, which Janecek started four years
ago. The newly reconstructed hotel opened at the beginning of March.
Květuše takes care more of the restaurants, and her partner Jiří takes
care of the hotels and the newest and larger restaurants – the former
Koliba at Roztyly (now Lokai). Kvetuse does not have much time left
over for her hobbies, but whenever she has some, she takes a train, as
she enjoys traveling. In the past she practiced gymnastics and trained
kids, and she has also traveled all over a big part of the world: Morocco,
India, Mexico, Thailand, Egypt, and Brazil. She always disappears into
exotic locations for three weeks every year, but with kids it’s been a bit

Jiri Janecek is a Czech politician, a member of Parliament of the Czech
Republic, a councilor of the capital city Prague, and a businessman
in the hotel services field. He is also famous for his successes in, for
instance, one of the most difficult motor competitions of the world: the
Dakar Rally. Some years ago, he left politics and now deals with hotel
and restaurant services.

He has been a businessman since he was eighteen. In the years 1993–2003
he worked as a managing director and a business partner at J+J company,
and from 1999–2004 he worked in the same positions at J+J school
canteens company, and from 2001–2005 a EUROGURMAN company.
In 2016, he founded Naše pivovary company. “We are doing our best
to make beds as good as possible, to cook the tastiest dishes, and to
provide the best beer for our clients,” says Janeček. His passions are
competing, traveling, and brewing beer. As a municipal politician, he
took part in several rally competitions with off-road cars – for instance
the PAX Rally 2008 in Portugal (with Jiří Wolf in a Toyota Land Cruiser
120) and the Italian Baja 2010 (with Victor Chytka in a Hummer).
But surely the biggest success he achieved was at Dakar Rally 2009
in Argentina, the most difficult motor enterprise in the world, when he
reached the final point in Buenos Aires in a Toyota on the 51st position.
Considering the difficulty of the competition, it was not clear at all if
they could reach the final point. Jiri was just a beginner, and a lawyer
from Brno, Victor Chytka, was his navigator. “We registered at the
last minute and had to wait to see if we would be added to the starting
list. Finally, we lived to see. It was an enormous challenge for us,”
descripted Janeček his feelings.

He returned to South America (Argentina and Chile) at Dakar Ralley
with the same partner and the same car, and a year later he reached the
final even in the 41st position. His car with the starting number 373, as
the only Czech car at that marathon, managed the hard passage of the

Apart from travelling, he likes bee – he not just tastes it but shoots it in
his restaurants and even brews his own. Some years ago he created the
microbrewery Maly Janek, which offers several specialty beers based
on Janeček’s recipes. “Smaller breweries have had drawbacks versus
bigger corporate breweries for a long time, and the Maly Janek trademark
should help it compete with juggernauts, where the quality of their
beer is in last place,” adds Janecek.

Jiří Janeček and Kvetuse Mentova are shining examples of businessmen
whose hobbies turned into successful businesses. That’s why at
all of their establishments you can expect great taste, new experiences,
comfort, and quality. You are always welcome!