Katerina Haring

How long has your company been
operating on the market?
The company was registered in 1992, so we have
celebrated the 25th anniversary this year, but in fact
my husband and I have owned it for 10 years. We
have been working in the exhibition business for
15 years.

What are your prospects for development
in the near future?
We live in fast-changing time and I don’t want to
make any predictions. Man makes plans, and God

I hope to one day be able to work just a couple of
hours a day and watch my company prosper. I hope
I will become a real philanthropist and have more
time for the arts, beautiful museums, collections,
concerts, operas…

The secret to my success is just work, work, and
work, but I have a lot of rules, phrases, and slogans
I stick to. I suppose they