Jiří Kývala

of the Prague Castle Guard
Age 53
Sign Capricorn
Place of birth Karviná

Colonel Ing. Jiří Kývala was appointed as a commander of the Castle Guard – an independent unit of the armed forces – on March 10th, 2017. Jiří Kývala was born in 1966 in Karviná, where he spent his childhood. Until the age of fourteen, he didn’t have any idea there was any opportunity to study at a secondary military school. But when he was offered that opportunity, he got absolutely addicted to it, and since then nobody can turn him away from it. He started going to the Secondary Military School in Martin (Slovakia), which gave him, as it said, a set of rules and a sense of responsibility. After completing his studies, he started in a company at the sergeant major rank at the military unit in Hranice. During his time in the armed forces, Jiří Kývala took a range of positions, from the lowest commanding and staff up to his present position, which is the highest point in his military career. He also obtained the necessary education of bachelor and master degrees through the remote study. A big part of his professional life was about serving in rocket and artillery units, where he reached the rank of deputy brigade commander. He considers the artillery branch to be very interesting because of the wide range of knowledge and practical skills in geography, as well as inner and outer ballistics, that this branch requires. Prague is his thirteenth company among which he has moved. He also served in foreign missions in Kosovo and Afghanistan. Jiří is married and has two kids and one grandson.

In order to gain something, you must take the harder path.
I belong among those people who have conservative opinions.
I don’t like the silent majority and the vocal minority.
For everything in my life, I am grateful to my family,
friends, subordinates, and superiors.
Sometimes we all must concede to move forward.
To live means to not waste time on stupid things.
I love my wife, my children, and their families.
I hope to one day be able to say that my life did
not leak through my fingers.
It is important to remember that life is not just work.
Always strive to behave towards other people in a fair manner.
One must have enough money to avoid problems, to buy anything
he/she needs, and to donate elsewhere.
I like Prague because I have not been in a nicer city yet.
The best expert is one who can use and manage professional skills,
and teach others.
Now I am worried that many people do not realize the meaning
of the words citizen, family, and motherland.
My secret of success is still hidden. Perhaps I will figure
it out someday.