“Behind every great man there is a great woman.”

As is known, a man becomes great because of his work, and if beside him there is a woman, who believes that he will certainly achieve success. When a man knows that his woman loves him, it gives him an incentive to become even better and stronger. Who knows what would be the fate of our favorite musicians, artists, directors, and writers if their beloved women were not next to them. Behind every journey, every great discovery, every military campaign stands a female silhouette. From behind the shoulders of every pioneer, researcher, philosopher, and artist there is a charming woman’s face. John Lennon, after meeting Yoko Ono, said: “She is a teacher, and I am a student… Next to Yoko, I became free. Her closeness made me a complete person. Without her, I was only a half.” Thus the meeting of two heroes of our issue – Lilia Gerber Animaeva and Rinat Animaev, both of whom have extraordinarily powerful personalities – made them a happy whole. This couple is perfect. A clever, talented, bright woman and a strong, wise, brilliant man. The artist and his muse. If a woman is happy, her positive energy is transferred to her man. Psychologists explain by saying that the power of creativity in women is much stronger than in men. These streams of positive energy open all doors for her beloved man, and he becomes lucky and successful in everything. He feels confident and almost all-powerful. No artist created his art without an inspiring muse. Thus Lilia inflames the talent of her artist by sowing new thoughts everywhere – by captivating, conquering, and juggling the brilliant ideas. And not any man is capable of keeping such a beautiful, intelligent, and independent woman. The harmony and beauty in Lilia and Rinat as a couple is striking in its naturalness and aristocratic simplicity.